Ieyasu no Yu (Foot Bath), Shizuoka

One of Izu’s entrance, Atami in Shizuoka Prefecture. There are many sightseeing spots including hot springs resort where many people visit throughout the year. The free Foot Bath facility “Ieyasu no Yu” is located in the open space between JR Atami Station, the entrance to Atami and the building on the other side. Since it is on the left side as soon as leaving the station, it is a convenient spot that you can feel free to enter the footbath during the waiting time until train or bus departure.

The current “Ieyasu no Yu” was renewed in Atami city in December 2014. Atami Onsen Association was designed and enforced the previous footbath in 2003 as a “400 year commemoration project for Tokugawa Ieyasu visit.” For that reason, this footbath is said to be familiar to “Ieyasu no Yu”.

The temperature of the source is 74.2 degrees Celsius, water is added for temperature control, but basically it has been “Gensen Kakenagashi” (water comes directly from the hot spring source) style. The temperature of the hot water is around 42.0 degrees Celsius. At the moment you put your feet, you may feel a little hot. But as you put your feet in it, you may feel comfortable.

Spring quality is sodium, calcium, etc. chloride hot spring. It has a high effect of warming the body, improves blood flow, and also has the effect of relaxing the muscles. Chloride hot spring is said to be “hot water warming the body”, it is effective for improving coldness. Please heat the cold feet sufficiently with this hot water. Because it is preventing chill after bath, you will be able to feel the heat of your body even after coming out of hot water.

Everyone can use “Ieyasu no Yu” for free. In such cases, it is often necessary to bring towels etc, but “Ieyasu no Yu” has a towel vending machines right next to it, which is convenient. In this case, there is no problem even if you do not have a towel. It is easy to enter the foot bath.


Name:Ieyasu no Yu (Foot Bath)
Address:Taharahoncho 9 Atami, Shizuoka 413-0011 Japan
Access:JR Tokaido-honsen Line “Atami-eki Station” (immediately in front of the station)
Tel:(+81) 557-86-6211 (Atami Municipal Office Park and Green Division)
Official site:

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