Inasayama Park, Nagasaki

Inasayama Park is the landmark of Nagasaki and is very popular spot of the night view.
the night view of Nagasaki was chosen as the “One of New Three Major Night Views of the world” with Hong Kong and Monaco in “the night view summit 2012 in Nagasaki” held in 2012.
Moreover, it was chosen as the “One of New Three Major Night Views of Japan” with Kobe and Sapporo in 2015.

The night view from Inasayama Park is so beautiful that it is called “the night view of 10 million dollars”, and it is worth seeing.
An observation deck is reopened in 2011, and the space of the light by the illumination inlaid in the floor is directing a romantic atmosphere.

As well as a night view, you can see Mt. Unzen, Amakusa, Goto Islands not to mention Nagasaki city area in the day when it was fine.

Inasayama Park is loved by people as space of recreation and relaxation. Moreover, in rice Sayama mountain side, the event open space and field concert hall which were equipped fully with the large parking lot are located, and various concerts etc. are held.

You can go to the summit of the Inasayama mountain also by a ropeway.
The view from the ropeway which a gondola renewed by the hand of the designer of Italy Ferrari in 2011 is also particular.


Name:Inasayama Park
Address:Ohamamachi Nagasaki, Nagasaki 850-0066 Japan
Access:JR Nagasaki-honsen Line “Nagasaki-eki” station (5 minutes by car then 5 minutes by ropeway)
Tel:(+81)95-861-7742 (Inasayama Park Management Office)
Official site:

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