Ine no Funaya (The Boat Garage House of Ine), Kyoto

The calm Gulf of Ine lined with “Ine no Funaya”. The scenery is like Venezia in Japan.


This is Ine-cho of the Sea of Japan of North Kyoto. The group of Funaya exceeding 230 which quietly lined with is one of sightseeing spot having the mysterious scenery such as the mirage floating on the surface of the water in Kyoto. It is the fisherman’s house with the superb view setting up the home on the cabinet of the boat.

In Ine-cho at the east end of Tango Peninsula, people call the garage of the boat “Funaya”. The scenery that more than 230 Funaya lined with along the 5 kilometers of gulf is spectacular, it is very rare in Japan, and it was designated as the Nation’s Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings, too.


A peninsula facing the Sea of Japan becomes the buffering wall and forms shorelines of less waves and wind facing south. Because there are few waves, the beautiful cobalt blue sea becomes the superb view spot around the group of Funaya.



Name:Ine no Funaya (The Boat Garage House of Ine)
Adresse:Yosagun Inecho, Kyoto 626-0401 Japan
Access:Kyoto Tango Railway “Ama-no-Hashidate-eki Station” (60 minutes by bus)
Official site:

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