Instant Ramen Museum, Osaka

Through the history of the instant noodles, you can learn importance of the invention discovery in this museum.
The lesson class of the chicken ramen of handmade experience-based is the most popular. This experience class is full every day, you can learn process of manufacture same as a factory as kneading wheat flour, making dough for noodles, and cutting it. And various “Nissin original goods” are fun things in a souvenir shop.


Will there be the person who does not have instant noodles? Mr.Momofuku Ando have made up the basis of all of It.


He shows a manufacturing method and patent right to other makers afterwards, and the product using this method spread through the world. As a result, variety of Instant noodles are in the store these days.


In addition, there is “My Cupnoodle factory” to be able to make an original cup of instant noodle which is a reservation-free.
It is the hands-on class where all can make original noodles with the cup of original design, taste of the soup, and ingredient materials. It is free admission.



Name:Instant Ramen Museum
Adresse:Masumicho 8-25 Ikeda, Osaka 563-0041 Japan
Access:Hankyu Dentetsu Tkarazuka-sen Line “Ikeda-eki Station” (5 minutes walk)
Official site:

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