Inuyama-jo Castle

“National treasure Inuyama-jo Castle” is built in 1537 of the Muromachi era, and the Japanese oldest style that a castle tower exists. It is called a popular name “the White Imperial Castle”. The view from the castle tower which was built on the slightly elevated mountains of bank of Kisogawa is a superb view. In the castle town in front of it, there is the samurai residence letting you feel the history, the Karakuri (gimmick) pavilion and the history museum, so you can enjoy walk.

It is only 5 castles having been designated as a national treasure in the whole country, including this Inuyama-jo Castle with Matsumoto-jo Castle, Himeji-jo Castle, Hikone-jo Castle and Matsue-jo Castle (at 2016).
It is in the limelight nationwide as a precious castle. Inuyama-jo Castle which had escaped war damage, and left from old times, was built by Nobuyasu Oda who was an uncle of Nobunaga Oda.(*)
* The famous busho (military commander) of the Sengoku (Warring States) period.

The castle tower is said to be an observation tower type, with three levels at the fourth floor above the ground, 2 stories below ground, and is the Japanese oldest style to exist.
Because it is located in the important position of the age of civil wars, so the lord of a castle turned busy like Oda, Ikeda, Ishikawa. In the Edo era, Masashige Naruse of the Owari feudal lord was the lord of the castle until the late Tokugawa period.

The view from the castle tower which was built on the slightly elevated mountains of bank of Kisogawa is a special. There is a corridor surrounding the castle tower top floor, you can look around Kisogawa, Mount Ontake, Gifu Castle, the building group of Nagoya Station.

It is famous as the highlight of the cherry tree, the Sakuranamiki (the cherry‐tree‐lined path) spreads out around the neighborhood of Kiso riverside, there are approximately 400 cherry trees around a castle.


Name:Inuyama Jo Castle
Adresse:Kitakoken 65-2 Inuyama, Aichi 484-0082 Japan
Access:Meitetsu Inuyama-sen Line “Inuyama-Yuen-eki Station” (12 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81)568-61-1711 (Inuyama Jo Castle Management Office)
Price:550 yen (Adult)
110 yen (Under 15 years old)
Official site:

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