Iriomote-Jima Island, Okinawa

“Iriomote-Jima” island is the island of the jungles surrounded by rich subtropical plants. The subtropical jungle covering 90% of the island comes to near the shoreline, and there is little flat area. There are more than forty rivers, large and small, in the island including the Nakama-Gawa river, and very large mangrove forest opens in a brackish water region that is an area 10 km from the mouth of the river which fresh water and sea-water are mixed.


It is truly a natural treasury place that rare animals like the Japan’s biggest “Plestiodon kishinouyei”, the Japan’s smallest eagles “Spilornis cheela”, “Iriomote jungle cat” designated as a national natural treasure live.


Kentaro Ohno

The sea between small island “Yubu Island” being nearby Iriomote-Jima is very shallow, so you can go on foot anytime without the tidal hour. However, it is recommended to ride a buffalo if you go to the Yubu Island from Iriomote-Jima.


It is the quiet scenery, that seems to be a southern country, from an ox-drawn carriage crossing the sea relaxedly. Subtropical plants grow thick in the island, and colorful flowers bloom in profusion throughout the year.


The Barasu-to island is an island made of fragments of coral off the Uehara Port.
Around the island, you can see the colorful fish and coral reef closely. It is recommended for snorkeling and sea bathing.



Name:Iriomote-Jima Island
Adresse:Iriomote Yaeyamagun Taketomicho, Okinawa 907-1542 Japan
Access:There is no airport in Iriomote-Jima Island. Go over to Ishigaki-Jima Island by air and move by ship from there.
Shin-Ishigaki Airport (Approximately 40 minutes by boat)

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