Iwakura Jisso-in, Kyoto

There is the word “the Green Leaf Floor” or “the Red Leaf Floor” or “the Snow Floor”. Outside maple trees appearing on the Jissoin Temple ‘s “Waterfall Room” (Taki-no-ma) floorboards will show you the expression “Dark green for the fresh green season, Crimson for the season of autumn leaves, Snow-clad for the season of midwinter”. The nickname attached to this beautiful landscape is “the Green Leaf Floor” or “the Red Leaf Floor” or “the Snow Floor”. There are two Japanese gardens with different taste in the precincts, and you can enjoy the changing season slowly.


Jissoin is a Monzeki temple (a temple where the head priest is a member of the imperial family) located in northern Iwakura, Kyoto. You can see the beautiful scenery like “the Yukamidori” (Green Floor) from a season of the fresh green before a season of colored leaves, “Yukamomiji” (Floor of Autumn Leaves) after autumn colors began, “Yukigesho” (Snow Floor) in winter. There are historical materials and a lot of highlight including the garden.



Among the Kyoto temple, Jissoin seems super-talented , but it is not so much integrated into the tourism course for access is a little bad .
But, you can spend slow time in this place. A person of the imperial family had served as the chief priest , there is a great thing in this place.



Iwakura-Jissoin is famous for the beauty of “Yukamomiji” which is seen at the time of colored leaves.
The wooden floor, which leads from the verandah to the room, has been polished up during many years and shine black, it projects green of trees in the early summer, and illuminates the colored leaves of the garden in autumn. The beauty which you looked at it from inside of the dark room is particular.



“Yukigesho” which is seen only in a snowy day. Snow is piled up to a branch of Kaede fallen leaves, and reflecting on the floor. It is difficult to see whitout all of the conditions being met, so the beauty of it should be right called even a present from the sky. Anyway, contrast of the snowy white and the black of the floor with luster is splendid.




Name:Iwakura Jissoin Temple
Adresse:Iwakuraagura-cho121, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto-city, Kyoto 606-0017
AccessEizandentetsu Kurama-sen Line “Iwakura-eki Station” (16 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 75-781-5464
Price:500 yen (Adult)
250 yen (Junior High School Students or Under)
Official site:http://www.jissoin.com/

日本, 〒606-0017 京都府京都市左京区岩倉上蔵町121 実相院門跡

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