Izumo Oyashiro Shrine (Izumo Taisha Shrine)

Izumo Oyashiro Shrine enshrines “Okuninushi no Okami” who is famous as god of match-making.
In the precincts of approximately 27,000 square meters, the main shrine of the national treasure and the front shrines stand around, and the current main shrine was built in 1744. It is representative architecture of the Taisha shrine style, which is the shrine structure style that is the oldest in Japan using the unpainted wood.



The Shime-nawa (a sacred straw festoon in Shinto) of 13m in length, neighborhood 9m, 5t in weight in a kagura hall west side of the main shrine, is the largest size in Japan.



In addition, the row of pine trees of wonderful ramifications, which line up in the place around the approach to a shrine entrance, is called “Matsu no Baba” (the riding ground at the pine tree), and selected as one of the top 100 of Japanese excellent pines.



Izumo is called the hometown of gods. There are various reasons to be called so. The name of the calendar has an example to represent it. In Japan, “Kannazuki” (the month of no gods) generally means October. But in the Izumo region, it is believed that October is the month when gods from all of the country gather in the area, and accordingly, the month is called ‘Kamiari zuki,’ meaning the month in which gods exist.



“Izumo Oyashiro Shrine”, the symbol of Izumo and hometown of gods, is the shrine of “the match-making god” on behalf of Japan.
It is informed that every good match, not only the relation between man and woman, but also every relationship, is provided if you pray.




Name:Izumo Oyashiro Shrine (Izumo Taisha Shrine)
Adresse:Taishachokizukihigashi 195 Izumo, Shimane 699-0701 Japan
Access:Ichibatadensha Line “Izumotaisha-mae-eki Station” (10 minutes walk)
Official site:http://www.izumooyashiro.or.jp/

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