Jigoku Nozoki (Look Over Hell), Chiba

The “Nihon-ji” (The Japanese Temple) founded by Gyoki Bosatsu having been under instructions of the Emperor Shomu approximately 1,300 years ago is the oldest temple in Kanto area. The precincts is approximately 33 ha (330,000 square meters) in the south slope of the Mt.Nokogiri, you can pray while taking a walk in rich nature.



Mt. Nokogiri is approximately 300m above sea level in the southern part of Boso Peninsula in Chiba.
This is a place for quarrying building stones from the Edo era and the steep rock face still leaves the remains.



The superb view spot “Jigoku Nozoki” of Mt. Nokogiri is in the Nihon-ji, and 600 yen is necessary for the Nihon-ji as an admission fee.


There are various tourist attractions in Mt. Nokogiri as well as “Jigoku Nozoki”. It takes 2 hours for round trip to look all of them. Because there are many stairs, it is hard to go for one who is not confident in physical strength.



However, the scenery is good. Heaven may be near rather than hell.




Name:Jigoku Nozoki (Look Over Hell)
Adresse:Kanaya 2474 Futtsu-city, Chiba 299-1861 Japan
Access:JR Uchibo-sen line "Hamakanaya-eki Station” (8 minutes walk)
Price:600 yen (Adult)
400 yen (Under 12 years old)
Free (Under 3 years old)
Official site:http://www.nihonji.jp/

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