Kaminoko-ike Pond, Hokkaido

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The Kaminoko-ike Pond is the pond in the forest near Lake Mashu at the southern part in Kiyosato-cho in the east in Hokkaido.
Lake Mashu is called “the Lake of God” in the Ainu language. It’s called "Kaminoko-ike" (the pond of the child of God) because it’s a pond made from the subsoil water of Lake Mashu.
It is the pond which was made with groundwater and which is filled with blue spring water.


Lake Mashu’s differing from other lakes is that there is neither a river which flows into a lake, nor a river which flows out of a lake. However, although much melted snow flows into Lake Mashu in spring, the water level does not change. This is because subsoil water is gushed around Lake Mashu.


It is said that no less than 12,000 tons subsoil water is gushing and carrying out around Kaminoko-ike Pond every day. That’s a small pond of 220 meters in length of the circumference and 5 meters in depth. Since water is clear, it is visible clearly to the bottom.


The water temperature is low at 8 ℃ through the year. The fallen trees sinks in blue water like a fossil, without decaying.
The scene which Oshorokoma (Salvelinus malma) with a vermilion spot is swimming in it is beautiful beyond description.


And this is the heartbreakingly signboard of “Beware of bears.” Since it is a primeval forest, so you can encounter a bear.
A bear does not haunt fundamentally the place in which people are. It is recommended you to come not at early morning or twilight when there are no sign of life but daytime.



Name:Kaminoko-ike Pond
Address:Kiyoizumi Sharigun Kiyosatocho, Hokkaido 099-4526 Japan
Access:90 minutes from the Memanbetsu Airport by car
Tel:(+81) 152-25-4111 (Kiyosato Town Office)
Official site:https://www.town.kiyosato.hokkaido.jp/

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