Kasama Inari Jinja Shrine, Ibaraki

The establishment of the Kasama Inari Jinja Shrine is said to be 651 years, and it is counted as one of Japan’s three major Inari, along with Fushimi in Kyoto and Yutoku in Saga. There is the history of over 1,350 years, and as God of ordinary people it is widely gathering faith from the whole country. In addition, visitors come from all over Japan, and the number is 3.5 million per year. And on the first three days of the New Year, more than 800,000 worshipers visited and boasted the No. 1 place in Ibaraki Prefecture.


The main hall of the Kasama Inari Jinja Shrine was rebuilt in the late Edo period, and it is gongen-zukuri style (a style of shrine buildings in Japan) with roofs being finished with copper tiles (made of copper-laminated wooden molds). It was designated as an important cultural property of the country in 1988. At the main shrine there was elaborate sculptures such as the “Santo Happounirami no zu” (the three heads dragon staring at the viewer from wherever it is seen in everywhere.) and “Ranteikyokusui-zu” by the hands of the master , Its appearance is really beautiful.


There are also many historical buildings such as East Gate and Emaden (hall for votive horse tablets) in addition to the main hall of the national designated important cultural property, and there is also an art museum imitating Shosoin (the Treasure House) of Nara in the precincts.
Also in the precincts there are two wisteria of 400 years old, one of them, Yae-Fuji next to the shrine is designated as a prefectural natural treasure.


Another wisteria on the side of the tower is a big wisteria which length is about 150 cm. This is also designated as a natural treasure in Ibaraki prefecture, and around these early May, these two wisteria bloom magnificent flowers and give a gentle aroma.


The size of the wistaria-trellis boast the largest size in Ibaraki prefecture. The precincts are full of sweet and sour aroma and are crowded with visitors for the flowers of the deep purple blooming big clusters.



Name:Kasama Inari Jinja Shrine
Address:Kasama 1 Kasama, Ibaraki 309-1611 Japan
Access:JR Mito-sen Line “Kasama-eki Station” (10 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 296-73-0001
Official site:http://www.kasama.or.jp/

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