Kashima-jingu Shrine, Ibaraki

Kashima-jingu Shrine in Kashima-shi, Ibaraki. It is the grand head shrine of “Kashima-jinja Shrine” that is approximately 600 in the whole country and is a shrine which is proud of long history.
It is the oldest shrine in Kanto and is a guardian deity of an overall community which protects the east of Kanto area with the Katori Shinto shrine. The enshrined deity is Takemikazuchi no Onokami who is the strongest god of war of the Japanese myth, and victorious God.
Its foundation is B.C. 660 years which are a year as the first Emperor Jimmu Tenno acceded to the throne.
It is foundation approximately 2,700 years same as Japanese Koki (Imperial era). It is historical old shrine to reach at the present with the history of Japan.
There are a lot of Shinto shrines with the name of “Jingu” now. However, only Kashima-jingu and Katori-jingu were called the “Jingu” other than Ise from the Heian period.


When you enter the precincts, the vermillion-painted very beautiful two-storied gate will go into your eyes at first. By the dedication in 1634 of the Edo period, it is designated as the important cultural property of the country. If you pass through this two-storied gate, it is the world completely isolated from the outer world with the atmosphere of ancient times. It is the gate of the border of our everyday world and divine space.


There is the spot especially filled with a peculiar atmosphere also in Kashima-jingu. It is the Okunomiya (rear shrine). Since you need to follow the approach about 300 meters from the main shrine, there are many people missing it, but it is a spot which should certainly be visited.
You will be probably overwhelmed by the calm atmosphere which drifts on around of the Okunomiya. It is the appearance suitable to God of war in character with a simple and not sophisticated.


The “Mitarashi-ike pond” in the very back of the precincts of the shrine is the spot which should be visited. The springwater is gushing without ceasing, and only looking at the transparent pond, and feel that the heart may be purified.


“The woods in Kashima-jingu” specified as the natural treasure is about 700,000 square meters, and the plants exceeding 800 sorts have grown thick and is precious also as a northern limit of an evergreen broad-leaved forest.



Name:Kashima-jingu Shrine
Address:Kyuchu2306-1 Kashima, Ibaraki 314-0031 Japan
Access:JR Kashima-sen Line “Kashima-jingu-eki Station” (6 minutes walk)
Official site:http://kashimajingu.jp/

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