Kawachi Wisteria Garden (Kawachi Fujien), Fukuoka

Kitakyushu city has wonderful wisteria garden that Japan is proud of. Previously it was a famous place among people who really know. It became a great reputation by being elected to “10 Beautiful Places in the World that Actually Exist” in 2012 and further to “Japan’s 31 most beautiful places” selected by CNN USA by 2015. There are many tourists from home and abroad now. Kawachi Wisteria Garden of about 10,000 square meters is a spot that you can enjoy twice a year, in which 22 different wisteria blossom in spring and colored leaves can be enjoyed in autumn. In addition, here is an unusual system that admission fee changes depending on the flowering situation.
This garden is inconvenient to get to. The fragrant wisteria tunnel, the most stunning display at the Kawachi Fujien Garden, makes you feel like walking in fairyland.
The garden displays about 150 wisteria plants of 22 different species. It hosts the annual Wisteria Festival at the end of April, when the flowers are in full bloom.
Actually, this flower park never advertise themselves. Because master of this garden is afraid wisteria being hurt by increasing tourists.



“Kawachi – Fujien” in Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka, which was chosen as one of the “Japan’s 31 most beautiful places” by CNN America and attracted attention, is the sightseeing spot which many tourists visit from within the country and abroad.



This wisteria garden opened by Masao Higuchi (the deceased) in 1977, which bluish violet, pink, and white, more than 100 wisteria of 22 kinds are blooming proudly in the site of approximately 10,000 square meters, is the paradise dream.



This place is said to be a famous spot of wisteria as “the most beautiful wisteria-trellis” on behalf of Japan. There are two kinds of wisteria-trellis approximately 220 meters long and 80 meters. They are not advertising it, in addition the opening period of the garden is short. Nevertheless, it continues attracting a person because of its superb view overwhelming visitors.



The wisteria come to full bloom from the end of April to the middle of May, and it is the peak of the autumn leaves in the end of November.
Opening period of the garden
Wisteria : The middle of April to the middle of May
Autumn leaves : The middle of November to the early in December




Name:Kawachi Wisteria Garden (Kawachi Fujien)
Adresse:Kawachi 2-2-48 Kitakyushu Yahatahigashi-ku, Fukuoka 805-0045 Japan
Access:JR Kagoshima-honsen Line “Yahata-eki Station” (25 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 93-652-0334
Price:There is a variation in this garden’s admission fee according to the season.
500 - 1,500 yen (Adult)
Free (High School Students or Under)
Please refer the official web page.
Official site:https://kawachi-fujien.com/

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