Kayabuki no Sato, Kyoto

There is the village called “Kayabuki no sato” (the thatched village) which is said that the original scenery of Japan, located in the north of Kyoto urban district approximately a little less than two hours by car. Among the thatched village, it is the third scale in Japan next to famous Shirakawagou of Gifu and Shimogorimura of Fukushima.



Kayabuki-no-sato is a village of approximately 38 houses with thatched roofs in the valleys of North Kyoto. This place keeps the scenery only of the thatched farmhouse that are now a rarity still remain here today, and you can follow a trace of the development of the local private house here. It’s chosen important preservation district of historic buildings of the country.



Throughout the year, it gains a reputation as a tourist attraction representing Miyama-cho, and as the place that can come across original scenery of Japan.



The folklore museum or the restaurant that utilized a private house are dotted in the village. While you can enjoy various beautiful sights in whole year as for the fresh green or the colored leaves, the recommendation is a snow scene of the winter.


The scenery that snow covers the scenery of nostalgic mountain village softly is one of the landscape representing Miyama-cho. In addition, from the end of January, the fantastic event, which the garden lanterns made by snow being displayed, is held. Because most of thatched private houses are the houses where local people live in, please mind your manners when you take a walk.




Adresse:Miyama-chou Kita Ageshi 21-1 Nantan-city Kyoto 601-0712
Official site:http://www.miyamanavi.net/

日本, 〒601-0712 京都府南丹市美山町北揚石21-1

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