Kinosaki Onsen (Kinosaki Hot Spring Town), Hyogo

Kinosaki Hot Spring located in the northern area of Hyogo prefecture is a leading hot-springs resort in the whole country which is proud of about 1300 years of old history, and 1 million or more tourists visit per year.
Pleasure of Kinosaki Hot Spring is seven “tours around outside hot water.”
Having been discovered by the injured white stork is considered as the cause of "Kinosaki Hot Spring" around 629 (origin of Koh-no-Yu). Then in 717, the Saint Dochi who visited this ground in order to save people of an incurable disease, sung the sutras of Eight Mandala during 1,000 days, and it is supposed that “Kinosaki Hot Spring” was opened by that prayer (origin of Mandala-Yu).

It is a willow row of trees full of the emotion that a yukata figure matches.
Kinosaki, the hot spring of Tajima area known from the Heian period. The willow roadside trees along The Ohtani-gawa river and the wooden building bring on taste like it or not. The seven “tours around outside hot water” which is full of individuality. Here, dressing in yukata is formal attire.
It is full of pleasure to stroll the hot-spring resort slowly with full of tastes of the real Japan not to change from old days while letting the sound of clogs sound.

In the hot spring resort, fireworks are launched except for the period of the Bon Festival every day a weekday from July 25 before August 24. Besides, the events including a mini-fair and the character show are varied.

In Kinosaki Hot Spring, or the Tango peninsula and Echizen, the crab season is opened on November 6.
In many cases it is considered that eating a frozen crab at home, but if you go to the best place for crab, delicious live crab can be tasted.

Kinosaki Hot Spring is near the port of Tsuiyama which is proud of the number of catches of crab within the prefecture. The crab is offered at a reasonable price and a fresh crab is very delicious at the hotel in Kinosaki Hot Spring Town.


Name:Kinosaki Onsen (Kinosaki Hot Spring Town)
Address:Kinosakichoyushima 357-1 Toyooka, Hyogo 669-6101 Japan
Access:JR Sanin-honsen Line “Kinosaki-Onsen-eki Station” (5 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81)796-32-3663 (Kinosaki Hot Spring Tourism Association)
Official site:

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