Koedo Kawagoe (Little Edo Kawagoe), Saitama

In old times, Kawagoe was called Koedo (Little Edo) as opposed to Tokyo was Oedo (Big Edo). There are many buildings which constructed in the style being called “Kura-zukuri” (earthen-wall building style) in a corner of the center of the city.
In the street extending from Naka-cho to Fuda-no-tsuji is called “Streets with Many Kura-zukuri”, there are more than 30 of Japanese storehouse style buildings are located.



It is common to use the Japanese storehouse style for a warehouse, but they make the whole house a godown style in Kawagoe. The wall which is particularly black and thick, the big Onigawara (Japanese gargoyle roof tiles), heavy and stately building, it is the scenery which is not seen in other cities.


“Kura-zukuri” is a skillful fireproof building to prevent catching fire from next door, and it developed as a house in the town form of Edo. It is keeping a feature of Edo, you cannot see in present Tokyo



In addition, you can observe a variety of architecture like a modern Western-style building and Japanese-style house, Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine, and Toki-no-kane (bells of time) in Kawagoe as well as Japanese storehouse style. Town itself is totally like the museum of the building.



The Koedo Junkai Buses (Koedo Circuit Bus) run in the tourist attraction of Kawagoe from the Kawagoe Station west exit to Hon-Kawagoe Station, the Kitain (Shrine), town in Japanese storehouse style, and Kashiyayokochou (the street in Kawagoe known for its many traditional and contemporary candy and snack shops). It is convenient for movement.




Name:Koedo Kawagoe (Little Edo Kawagoe)
Adresse:Saiwaicho Kawagoe, Saitama 350-0063 Japan
Access:Seibu Ikebukuro-sen Line “Hon-Kawagoe-eki” station (9 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81)49-227-8233 (Kawagoe-city Tourism Association)
Official site:http://www.koedo.or.jp/

日本, 〒350-0063 埼玉県川越市幸町

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