Koka-ryu Ninjutsu Yashiki (Koka Ninja House)

There are the two major schools of the Iga style and the Koka style in the Ninjutsu (the art of concealment and espionage). The “Ninjutsu Yashiki” (Ninja House) of both style remain at the present, but the Ninja Yashiki where a genuine ninja has ever lived in and remained in the same state is only a Koka style’s. Such precious genuine Ninja House exists in Koka-shi of Shiga.
The house called “The Koga style Ninjutsu Yashiki” which looks like a private house at first sight, but it is Ninja Yashiki House with the device deceiving an enemy everywhere.



In the house, you can receive an explanation concerning the Ninja like role or the meaning of the device. And it is “the Ninja clothes” to make this Ninja Yashiki House experience more fun. There is the clothes not only for the child use but also for the adult use, and it is an affordable price (500 yen per person), so let’s become a ninja together.



This is a pit in the other side of the big reversal door. A ninja open the cover of the pit quickly while escaping toward the reversal door. The house is dark without electricity in the past, so the enemy following immediately after the ninja who escaped to the reversal door is stuck in this pit suddenly. Depth is 3 meters. No one can stand up if he fall in it.



This is the reversal door. The door turns around when you push the left edge, but if the pursuer pushes the same part, it does not open this time. The construction is that it does not open unless you push the contralateral edge.



In addition, the weapons which were really used such as “a Shuriken” (a small throwing blade) or a sword are displayed, and you can experience “shuriken throwing”.




Name:Koka-ryu Ninjutsu Yashiki (Koka Ninja House)
Adresse:Konanchoryuboshi 2331 Koka, Shiga 520-3311 Japan
Access:JR Kusatsu-sen Line “Konan-eki Station” (5 minutes by car)
Price:650 yen (Adult)
350 yen (Under 12 years old)
Free (Under 3 years old)
Official site:http://www.kouka-ninjya.com/

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