Kotohikihama Beach, Kyoto

The Kotohikihama beach is famous for naki-suna (the sand making sounds when people walk on it) and is also a beautiful spot with white sand. The mechanism to squeak when you walk is because the rubbing of the particles of the sand including a lot of quality of quartz which being washed in beautiful sea water. There were the beach of naki-suna everywhere in Japan, but only in a few is left now because many of them were fouled by drainage from the household etc.
It is said that the garbage of sands is the greatest enemy to maintain naki-suna. So local people make an effort and always clean the beach neatly.


If you walk as sand is rubbed against a sole, it will squeak well. As for the season, spring after it was shaved off by wild waves of the Sea of Japan is the best. It requires that the weather is so good, and sand should have got dry well.


The Kotohikihama is famous also as swimming beach. The transparency of water is conspicuous and beauty can be realized on the day the wave is calm.
Moreover, there is a natural open-air bath which can be used for free. Since it is allowed to enter with a swimming suit worn, this hot spring warms the body which got cold by swimming in the sea.


The Kotohikihama naki-suna cultural hall is the on-site training facility featured the theme of squeaking sand. There is an experience corner of naki-suna, and even if it rains, squeaking sand can be experienced in this cultural hall. Moreover, a minute shellfish, foraminifera, etc. inhabiting Kotohikihama are observable in it.


Although sandy beach of Kotohikihama are beautiful, the surrounding scene of the sea is also beautiful and it can see the spectacle of beautiful sunset especially in the evening.



Name:Kotohikihama Beach
Address:Aminochokakezu Kyotango, Kyoto 629-3112 Japan
Access:Kyoto Tangotetsudo Miyafuku-sen line “Amino-eki” Station (15 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81)772-69-0450 (Kyotango-shi Tourism Promotion Section)

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