Kuchu Teien Tenbodai (The Floating Garden Observatory), Osaka

The “Umeda Sky Building” with the floating garden is known worldwide for its dynamic and outstanding figure. In 2008, it was introduced in the British newspaper “THE TIMES” as the “building of 20 to represent the world” with Taj Mahal and the Sagrada Familia, and it is also recognized by the foreign tourists and overseas architects, it has been attracting attention as an Osaka landmark to visit.



“The Floating Garden Observatory” is a superb view spot that is approximately 170m above the ground to be able to look around cityscape of Osaka to Awajishima.



“The Umeda sky building” affectionately known as “The Triumphal Arch of Naniwa” is neo-futuristic skyscraper of two connections to soar in the city center of Osaka.



In the only open type roof observation deck in Japan opening upward to the sky, 360-degree sky panorama extend before your eyes. You can enjoy the splendid view of the town of Osaka like the beautiful setting sun which is chosen as “100 selections of Japanese setting sun” and the night view of 1 million dollars.



There are the “Cafe sky 40” where you can relax slowly while enjoying beautiful scenery from the observation deck located on the 40th floor, and the “Shop sky 39” assorting a stock of the souvenir of the specialty of Osaka including original goods located on the 39th floor.




Name:Kuchu Teien Tenbodai (The Floating Garden Observatory)
Adresse:Oyodonaka 1-1-88 Kita-ku, Osaka 531-6039 Japan
Access:JR Tokaido-sen line "Osaka-eki Station” (13 minutes walk)
Price:1,000 yen (Adult)
700 yen (Under 18 years old)
500 yen (Under 12 years old)
200 yen (Under 6 years old)
Official site:http://www.kuchu-teien.com/

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