Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort

“Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort” is a natural resort of the new form featured the theme of nature and symbiosis of the culture. It is located at the gateway of Kujukushima Island of Saikai National Park, and you can enjoy Kujukushima travels by a pleasure boat the walk of the sea by the sailboat or a kayak, etc. and the cruise menu are substantial.


Moreover, “Umi Kirara” of an aquarium is extremely popular to children. Dolphin show, the mystery tour which it shows to the back side of an aquarium, etc. and various kinds of experience programs are prepared. Because there are also the facilities such as a shop and the restaurant, too, you can enjoy it in families all day long.


The “Kujukushima bay big size aquarium” of the outdoor model that is rare in Japan, and display corner of the jellyfish creating healing space with sounds, lights, and pictures, and the program of the dolphin showing the only “jumping catch ball between dolphins” in here, became popular.


The appearance of the ship which runs by first electricity in Japan seems to be a pirate ship. Without doubt children is highly pleased. The scenery from a ship running between islands of Kujukushima is a superb view. It is a method of the pleasure which can be experienced only by Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort.


The quiet sea is dotted with large and small islands, and the scene of evening glow is filled with deep emotion. It is called the scenic spot which is not inferior to Matsushima of the three most famous views in Japan.
The scene which it is dyed red romantically will serve as recollections which are not forgotten.



Name:Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort
Adresse:Kashimaecho 1008 Sasebo, Nagasaki 858-0922 Japan
Access:JR Sasebo-sen Line “Sasebo-eki Station” (15 minutes by car)
Price:Please confirm official site.
Official site:http://www.pearlsea.jp/

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