Kumanogawa River Experience School, Mie

The Kumanogawa river registered into world heritage as only “the worship way of a river” in the world. The tour using “Sandanbo” (three sails boat) used traditionally in the Kumanogawa river is “Kumanogawa River Experience School”. The old worship way can be enjoyed feeling the Nature of Kumano.


The barge for people who live in Kumano was indispensable to the life as carrying supplies and catching a fish and a shrimp, but with the passage of times, the traditional living and barge traffic are going to become outdated.


In Kitahizue Kihocho, Mie along the Kumanogawa river, there is the ship carpenter who continues making traditional barge “Sandanbo”. He would like you to experience the local culture which has lived with Kumanogawa river, and started “Kumanogawa River Experience School” which performs sight-seeing experience of Sandanbo boat.
It is the Kumanogawa river experience tour including downstream with Sandanbo boat and offers lunch using seasonal local ingredients, and ancient road walk etc.


The barge of the Kumanogawa river is called “Danbeibune”. This ship is 8.6 meters in full length, and 1.6 meters in width, and gets down the Kumanogawa river by Sandanbo built with Tenjiku-Momen (a type of cotton fabric from India). Since an outboard motor is not used, the little stream of the river and bird watching can be enjoyed. Here, the natural figure of wild birds, such as egret, kingfisher, mallard duck, and herons, is observable.


Moreover, near the campsite, you can played in the river, and catch fish, such as ayu (sweetfish), eel, carp, and sea bass.
The downstream can be enjoyed from March to November. Please experience it once. If you try experiencing it once, you will become addicted



Name:Kumanogawa River Experience School
Address:Kitahizue 203 Minamimurogun Kihocho, Mie 519-5716 Japan
Access:JR Kisei-honsen Line “Shingu-eki” station (15 minutes by car)
Price:Long course
5,000 yen (with meals)

Short course
3,500 yen
Official site:http://www.za.ztv.ne.jp/

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