Kumoba Pond, Nagano

Kumoba Pond is the most famous place of autumn leaves in Karuizawa. Not only the autumn colors seen with the pond but also the autumnal leaves reflected in the pond are exquisite views. It is a rich natural leaves spot where you can see wild birds such as ducks. You can enjoy autumn leaves of various tone such as red and yellow in the best season. The autumnal leaves spreading all around so as to surround the large pond is exactly a masterpiece and mysterious. The autumn leaves produced by Nature are exquisite sceneries of autumn which Kumoba Pond boasts.


Kumoba Pond is a large pond with an elongated shape in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture. Kumoba Pond is located in a rich natural environment, the surrounding trees change its expression according to the season, and it is one of the top tourist spots in Karuizawa. Since swans flew in winter in the old days, it also got a nickname “Swan Lake”. Especially autumn leaves are popular and crowded with many tourists every year.


The probability of encountering cute wild animals is high in the surroundings of nature rich Kumoba Pond. To the beautiful landscape that the pond and autumn leaves produce, it is recommended visiting on a sunny day. On rainy days and the next day of rain, you can have more puddle around the pond, so let’s visit with easy walking shoes. Kumoba Pond does not charge admission at all. The time limit is not defined and you can enjoy nature as much as you want.


The autumn colors seen from the cafe “R’s Pond Cafe” in Kumoba Pond are also superb. A part of the villa which was near was used as a cafe. Its topic is “It seems as if it is floating in a pond.” In this cafe that matched natural scenery splendidly, even hot chocolate, a light meal, and also hot wine can taste including coffee. It is a pleasant menu for the cold season.


The best time to see Kumoba Pond’s autumn leaves may change somewhat depending on the climate, but it is in the middle of October to the beginning of November every year. It seems that the trees will gradually start to color from the beginning of October. Especially at the end of October and the beginning of November it is said to be the best viewing time, and if you go this time you can fully enjoy the autumn leaves of Kumoba Pond.



Name:Kumoba Pond
Address:Karuizawa(oaza) Kitasakugun Karuizawamachi, Nagano 389-0102 Japan
Access:JR Hokuriku Shinkansen Line “Karuizawa-eki Station” (20 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 267-45-8579 (Karuizawa Town Office Tourism Economy section)
Official site:http://www.town.karuizawa.lg.jp/

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