Kurashi-no-Konjakukan (Museum of Past and Present of the Living), Osaka

This is the “Kurashi-no-Konjakukan” (Museum of Past and Present of the Living) in the information center Building facing the shopping street of Tenjinbashi, Osaka. It is the museum of the house which can experience the change of a town and the house of Osaka of Meiji, Taisho, and Showa era from Edo era.



The biggest highlight is the cityscape of Osaka which completely restored in the latter part of the Edo period (1830-1844), and the mechanisms or devices which change the state of the town depending on time.



It is interesting to watch it because the decoration of theme is changed seasonally. There are various events including the traditional entertainment, treasure exhibition brought by the citizen, and the old dish. There is the guidance as a volunteer named “Machiya-shu”, too.



The space that reproduced a town of Osaka of the Tenpo era in size of the original is on the ninth floor. When you enter one step from an wooden entrance gate, a bathhouse, a bookstore, a joiner, a grocer’s, an imported goods dealer, a shop dealing kimono fabrics, pharmacists line up on both sides of the main street and there is a fire watchtower high conspicuously on the town-block office. When you pass through the alley, an aspect of the daily life of the common people is seen in 45 minutes of movie with a sound and a picture.



For Japanese people, this facility give them a break.




Name:Osaka Kurashi no Konjakukan
Adresse:6-4-20 Tenjinbashi Kita-ku Osaka-city, Osaka 530-0041 Japan
Access:Subway Tanimachi-sen line "Tenjinbashisuji-rokuchoume-eki Station” (1 minutes walk)
Price:600 yen (Adult)
300 yen (Student)
Free (Under 12 years old)
Official site:http://konjyakukan.com/

日本, 〒530-0041 大阪市北区天神橋6丁目4-20

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