Kyo no Tanabata (Star Festival of Kyo), Kyoto

The “Kyo no Tanabata” (Star Festival of Kyo) is crowded with about 650,000 visitors each year. It is a festival with a history that is held as a summer tradition of Kyoto. Tanabata is an old traditional legend that Orihime (Vega) and Hikoboshi (Altair) can meet only once a year, on July 7th. This festival is based on the theme of having a wish once a year after the Tanabata festival’s legend. It will be held in the vicinity of Horikawa River and Kamogawa River for about a week from August 6, the Tanabata of the lunar calendar.

While taking over the tradition, it is held as a unique festival in Kyoto, such as promoting new industries and kimono. It is a festival where anyone can participate by writing wishes in strips of postcards and attaching them to bamboo grass.

“Kyo no Tanabata” is held at two sites, the area of Kamogawa River and Horikawa River. At the Kamogawa site, there are many events using light, with the “bamboo and lighting” road and the bamboo gigantic arches lit up with LEDs directing the Milky Way. You can also see demonstration of Yuzen Nagashi (the process of removing glues and extra dyes in a clean river) and Maiko’s dance unique to Kyoto.

The “Milky Way of the Light” will take place from “Nijo Street” near “Ebisugawa Street”. The Milky Way, where Orihime and Hikoboshi were allowed to meet on the evening of Tanabata, is reproduced by the bamboo and the blue LED depicting the arch. This “Milky Way of the Light” changes the color with the time, creating a fantastic atmosphere that you can not think of as a real world.

The “Lamp of Wind Chime” will be installed from Sanjo near Oike and Donguribashi to Bukkoji Temple. Traditional wind chime of Kyoto was put in bamboo basket, and it is lit by LED. You can taste like a magical feel as if you were in the Heian era.


Name:Star Festival of Kyo
Address:Nijojocho Kyoto Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8301 Japan
Access:Kyoto Municipal Subway Tozai Line “Nijojomae-eki Station” (1 minute walk)
Tel:(+81) 75-222-0389 (Star Festival of Kyo Executive Committee)
Official site:

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