Kyoto Uzumasa Eigamura (Toei Movie Land)

Kyoto Uzumasa Eigamura is a theme park in Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, and is a base for the transmission of information of movie culture. As for Eigamura, whatever it may call it, the open-air set is charm. There is cityscape of Edo used in real movies. The scenery which comes out on the one scene of a historical drama is reproduced until the alley of not only a main street but the side street, an alley, a row-house, etc.

In Eigamura, if lucky, the photography spot will be encountered. When a historical drama was the height of prosperity, photography seemed to be carried out almost every day, but the regular historical drama seemed to come to rarely see recently because the photography does not produced now in the Toei Kyoto studio.

In Eigamura, many shows are recommended as well as photography. The players who inherited the tradition of the historical drama cultivated for years perform ninja Shaw, sword fight show, etc. This is powerful and as interesting as those with laughter.

There are many attractions and display in Eigamura.
There is a thing to be able to enjoy enough which both children and couples can enjoy, such as a haunted house and a ninja lodge, and have some data of Japanese movies, exhibitions, etc., which seeing and turning around these can also fully enjoy.

Moreover, at “the house of historical drama character wearing makeup”, it can be disguised as a historical movie star. It is a spot which both children and adults experience happily and can play with all families.


Name:Kyoto Uzumasa Eigamura (Toei Movie Land)
Address:Uzumasahigashihachiokacho 10 Kyoto Ukyo-ku, Kyoto 616-8161 Japan
Access:JR Sanin-honsen Line “Uzumasa-eki Station” (5 minutes walk)
Price:2,200 yen (Adult)
1,300 yen (Under 18 years old)
1,100 yen (Under 12 years old)
Free (Under 2 years old)
Official site:

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