Lake Akan, Hokkaido

Three lakes representing the eastern part of Hokkaido, Lake Akan, Lake Kussharoko, Lake Mashu. Both are volcanic lakes, but Akan Lake was made by the eruption of Mt. Oakan. You can see the beautiful view of Mt. Oakan and Lake Akan. It is also a famous sightseeing spot for Ainu Kotan (Ainu Village) and Marimo (lake ball), and it is also a mecca for winter fishing and outdoor sports as well as a beautiful outlook of nature.

Lake Akan is about 26 kilometers around and 420 meters above sea level. It takes about an hour by a pleasure boat to go around Lake Akan. There are four islands on the lake. Among them, Chuurui Island has Marimo’s exhibition observation center, which is the place to stop by the pleasure boat. Why does the alga grow up as a round marimo in Lake Akan? It depends on the accidental clearance of Lake Akan, various conditions such as lake shape, lake bottom condition, wave environment and water source diversity. For details, please check it at the exhibition observation center.

The sightseeing pleasure boat of Lake Akan will start business around the end of April, but about one week before the start of business, a ice crackling tour of the Akan is held and a sightseeing tour of the iceberry will be held. It is only here that you can see the icebreak in Japan. While watching the magnificent winter scenery of Akan, you can experience the force of ice cracking which blows off the cold. The ice crackling tour operates for about a week, but ice gradually melts, so it is recommended to go as soon as possible after the start of operation.

It is the recommended time to go around Lake Akan, the timing from summer to autumn. Summer is humid in Japan, but around Akan Lake is cool, you can watch nature comfortably with light clothing. Autumn passes, Hokkaido after November, especially in the winter around Lake Akan becomes extremely cold. However, there is also enjoyment only in winter. It is a scenery unique to cold areas, the whole surface covered with ice.

On the cold morning, “flowers on ice” which bloom only when several weather conditions overlap is becoming a topic of being fantastic and beautiful. The name is “Frosted Flower”. It is a natural phenomenon named “Flower” because water vapor forms crystals of ice on the lake surface and this frost spreads like needle-like and feather-like appearance as if it looks like a flower. This is a natural ice art that can be seen only at limited time and place, which is not well known among locals.
In addition to Frosted Flower, you can meet Lake Akan which shows a different face from time to time, such as the appearance of lake of sunrise, scenery of snowy field, fog ice, diamond dust.


Name:Lake Akan
Address:Akanchoakankonsen 2-6-20 Kushiro, Hokkaido 085-0467 Japan
Access:JR Senmo-honsen Line “Mashu-eki Station” (45 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 154-67-2254 (Lake Akan Tourism Association)
Official site:

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