Lake Goshikinuma, Fukushima

“Goshikinuma lake group” in Urabandai in Fukushima prefecture is a beautiful lake made by the eruption of Bandai volcano. The colorful swamps dotted in the forest has a mysterious charm that attracts everyone. The walking course “Goshikunuma Nature Sightseeing Road” includes Bishamon Swamp, Aka-numa Swamp, Midoro-numa Swamp, Benten-numa Swamp, Ruri-numa Swamp, Aonuma Swamp, Yanagi Swamp and so on. Within a short time, you can see the swamps with their respective characteristics.

Lake Goshikinuma is one of hundreds of lakes and ponds where Mt. Kobandai, which was on the northern side of Bandai Mountain, exploded in 1888 and the mountain that collapsed at that time dammed the river. Urabandai where leisure and marine sports are popular has various lake groups, and for large ones there are Lake Akimoto, Lake Onogawa, Hibara Lake. There are dozens of lakes in the southeast of the Hibara Lake, which is located between them, called Goshikinuma. The official name is “Goshikinuma lake group”.

As the name suggests, Goshikuma is about 30 large and small lake groups which color changes to five colors depending on the season, weather, and time. The boardwalk is being maintained over almost the whole area. It takes about an hour even if you take a walk slowly. After taking a walk, you can use the bus and return to the parking lot at the starting point.

You can enjoy the resort feeling with stylish scenery with lots of Hibara Lake and pension with boat hub.
If you want to enjoy the beauty of the lake group purely, it is recommended to visit early spring or the early winter without plants that block visibility.

You can enjoy boating at Bishamon Swamp, one of Goshikinuma. It is a popular spot for couples too. In this swamp, a carp with a pattern of hearts on the left belly was frequently witnessed, and when we found “Heart’s carp” it is said that love is fulfilled.


Name:Lake Goshikinuma
Address:Hibara Yamagun Kitashiobaramura, Fukushima 966-0400 Japan
Access:JR Banetsusaisen Line “Inawashiro-eki Station” (25 minutes by bus)
Tel:(+81) 241-32-2349
Official site:

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