Lake Tazawa, Akita

“Lake Tazawa” is in “Tazawa-ko Dakikaeri Prefectural Natural Park”, and the circumference is surrounded by Nature. There are plenty scenery points, and you can enjoy sightseeing while feeling the every season. The depth of “Lake Tazawa” is up to 423.4 meters, and it is said that it is the deepest lake in Japan. The color of the deep lake is blue which is breathtakingly beautiful. This lake in nature is also chosen as one of the hundred selection of Japan’s landscapes.

Speaking of “Lake Tazawa”, “the Legend of Princess Tatsuko” is also famous. Long ago, a woman named Tatsuko living near the side of a lake was praying for the Kannon Buddhist deity to keep youth and beauty. Tatsuko who drank the water of the lake as the divine message of the Kannon changed the figure into the dragon, after feeling the thirst of a throat which does not stop however it may drink. And, she decided to sink into the lake, as the guardian of “Lake Tazawa”. This is “the Legend of Princess Tatsuko” famous for “Lake Tazawa.”

The “Goza no Ishi Jinja Shrine” located in the north side of Lake Tazawa has deified “Princess Tatsuko” who was wishing eternal beauty. It is said that this shrine has benefits both for beauty and marriage. It is also popular as a sacred place for women tourists.

“Ukiki Jinja Shrine” which is built on the lake side of Lake Tazawa is also called “Kansa-gu Shrine” and it is popular among tourists. Because it is built to protrude to Lake Tazawa, there are differences in the appearance that can be seen by the height of the water surface.

There are sightseeing by boat trip and lending of foot rowing boat, so you can see the lake faces closely. In the summer tourism season, a part of the lakeside is used as a beach, and it is popular also with families.


Name:Lake Tazawa
Address:Nishikichosaimyoji Semboku, Akita 014-0511 Japan
Access:JR Tazawako-sen Line “Tazawako-eki Station” (15 minutes by bus)
Tel:(+81) 187-43-2111 (Lake Tazawa Tourist Information Center)
Official site:

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