Lake Toya (Toyako), Hokkaido

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It’s about 1 hour 30 minutes by car from Shin-Chitose Airport, about 2 hours from Sapporo city. Lake Toya which crosses Toyako town and Sobetsu town is a caldera lake which has a roughly round shape. On the south coast, active volcanoes such as Mt. Usu and Mt. Showashinzan rise, and the unique landscape with Nakajima Island floating in the center of the lake is characterized. While staying at the Toyako Onsen town on the southern coast, while watching the beauty of the lake that changes expression every moment, it is good to go around the area.

Let’s take a pleasure boat sailing from the hot springs town. You can enjoy a cruise on the lake about 50 minutes around Nakajima Island. The pier of a pleasure boat is near the hotsprings town. There are several kinds of pleasure boats, and among them, sailing at 00 minutes every hour is the “Espoir” which simulated a castle.

As the boat goes forward, the nearby Nakajima Island is actually a generic name for the four large and small islands “Benten Island”, “Kannon Island”, “Oshima Island” and “Manju Island”. Before the biggest Ojima Island, Benten Island, Kannon Island, Manju Island are lined up and the ship is running clockwise, running between Oshima and the other three small islands.

Because each of them are uninhabited islands, it is a mysterious atmosphere somewhere. Only Oshima Island, which is available for disembarkation, has “Toyako Forest Museum” and it is also possible to trek through the forest. People who are interested may try to come and get off the road.

Let’s walk along the lake side walk when cruise is over. There are multiple art works dotted in the walking path. The section from Toyako Onsen town to “Mt. Usu Eruption Memorial Park” is a place where there are many works. The combination of nature and art is beautiful, and there are many tourists taking pictures with the lake and green background. “The light of the moon” and “Muse” of Mt. Usu eruption memorial park are large and impressive, especially the popular works.


Name:Lake Toya (Toyako)
Address:Usugun Sobetsucho, Hokkaido 052-0100 Japan
Access:Toyakokisen Cruise
JR Muroran-honsen Line “Toya-eki Station” (12 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 142-75-4400 (Toyako town hall Economy Tourism Promotion Division)
Official site:

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