Magome-Juku, Gifu

The Magome-Juku (post‐town) leaving a feature of the Edo era is extreme popularity as a sightseeing spot. The Magome-Juku in Nakatsugawa-shi, Gifu is a tourist attraction on behalf of the Nakasendo(Edo-period Edo-Kyoto highway) with “The Tsumago-Juku” located in neighboring Nagano.


The Nakasendo is one of the Five Routes having been designed in the Edo era to link Kyoto and Edo. The post town for people via this way was built at that time, and the Magome-Juku seemed to be born as the 43rd of them.


Because the Nakasendo through Kiso, it is called “Kisoji” and many tasteful post offices have been left in there.


Many well-known literary person take a trip to this Kisoji and leave a novel and a phrase. You can visit the place concerning that masterpiece in Magome. This place which is the stage of the novel “Yoake mae” (Before the Dawn) is home of great writer “Toson Shimazaki”, and is the steep town of hill having a total length of more than 600m.


Stone pavement remains on the center of the street, and there is a row of houses reminiscent of the Edo era closely both sides of it. It was given one star by Michelin Green Guidebook.



Adresse:4300-1 Magome Nakatsugawa-city, Gifu 508-0502 Japan
Access:JR Chuo-Honsen line "Nakatsugawa-eki Station” (Approximately 20 minutes by bus)
Tel:(+81)573-69-2336 (Tourism Association)
Official site:

日本, 〒508-0502 岐阜県中津川市馬籠4300-1

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