Maishima Sludge Center, Osaka

Those who have the experience which visited Osaka Bay have seen the conspicuous blue pinnacle. It has a fairy tale atmosphere like the castle which appears in a nursery tale, and is likely to mistake it for the facilities of the amusement park, but in fact, it is the chimney of the Maishima sludge center.

The similar white spire rising a little apart is a chimney of the incinerators of Osaka-shi. Both the Maishima sludge center and the incinerator of Osaka are designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser who is a building architect of Austria. It is also a relation that the waste heat steam which occurred in the case of garbage destruction by fire utilizes for processing of sludge-dehydration.

It is said that the blue chimney of the Maishima sludge center is expressing the sea and the sky of Osaka Bay, the brightness of the golden cupola seems to express a dream and hope to the future, and the red stripe design of the outer wall express flame processing grime. A balcony and the roof are planted and express “Harmony of technology, ecology, and art”.

It is wide opened to the entrance hall as well as outer parts, such as a promenade, a little stream, and a bench. When you enter the entrance hall, you may fall into strange feeling. This is because the surface of a wall and a floor consist of curves. Mr. Hundertwasser assumes “Recurrence to nature, Coexistence with nature” an idea and is known to be the style that used many curves.

The Maishima sludge center has a notable point as well as the appearance. It not only merely detoxicates the sludge produced from a sewer, but also it processes by energy saving and to reuse is challenged.


Name:Maishima Sludge Center
Address:Hokukoshiratsu 2-2-7 Osaka Konohana-ku, Osaka 554-0041 Japan
Access:JR Sakurajima-sen Line “Sakurajima-eki Station” (10 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 6-6460-2830

*Reservation is required for tour of a facility.
Official site:

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