Maizuru Koen Park, Fukuoka

Maizuru Koen Park is a park centered around Fukuoka castle in Chuo-ku, Fukuoka city. It is adjacent to the eastern part of “Ohori Park” in the center of Fukuoka city, and it is a place for citizens to relax. In this neighborhood, based on “Maizuru Castle Ruins Future Plan”, a maintenance plan is set up that makes the area a historic park. Cherry blossoms such as Someiyoshino, Shidarezakura and Yamazakura are planted in Fukuoka main castle ruins. In “Botan Shakuyaku En” (Peony Garden) you can see the appearance of a rare “Usuzumi Zakura” (light-ink cherry blossom) old tree. It will be crowded with many people enjoying the cherry blossoms from the end of March to the time early in April every year.

Maizuru Koen Park is about 15 minutes on foot from Tenjin, the center of Fukuoka city. It is a beautiful park famous as a cherry blossom spot where you can fully enjoy the seasons of nature. Sports facilities such as athletic stadiums are maintained in the park, and Fukuoka City Art Museum etc. are adjacent.

Throughout the year, people returning to the museum gather and relax, the whole area is loved by many citizens as a place of peaceful relief of culture.

There are about 350 red and white plum orchard here, and it informs visitors of the arrival of spring. Brilliant red and white can be seen from a stone wall. There are many walking paths here and you can enjoy plums from various angles. This is a also nationally unique place which can overlook a plum from on a stone wall.

The culture that Japanese people enjoy plum blossoms boasts a long history. Plum is firmly engraved in the heart of the Japanese as a beauty that can be enjoyed before the cherry blossoms. There are plenty of places to see in Japan, but the beauty of plums that can be seen in castle ruins is exceptional.


Name:Maizuru Koen Park
Address:Jonai 1 Fukuoka Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810-0043 Japan
Access:Fukuoka Municipal Subway Kuko-sen Line “Akasaka-eki Station” (8 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 92-781-2153 (Maizuru Koen Park Management Office)
Official site:

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