Makido Stalactite Cave

Makido is the stalactite cave where one of the limestone field of Kusamadai, Okayama. Its total extension is 450m, and was called “Hole of Maki” in old days. The cave has very large ponds of the spring water, and stalagmite group and stalactite reflected in the water bring on a fantastic atmosphere.
The origin of the name of Makido (it means “full of strangeness”.) is said that poet Akiko Yosano who visited this place in 1929, and wrote it as “the cave which is full of strangeness”.

The stalactite cave is full of variety, like rim stone and straw stalactite, stone pillar covered the stalactite with the characteristic. It is definitely “full of strangeness”.

The Makido Stalactite Cave which is called “Makido of the stillness”, has full of the clean spring in the penetralia, but there is few subterranean stream. The stalactite is lighted up translunary in the world of the quietness. Particularly, the inverse icicle stones reflecting in the surface of the water is a wonderful scene. In avoiding a tourist season of the summertime, you can thoroughly enjoy this fantastic atmosphere.

There is the bridge called “the Ryugu Bashi” (the Palace of the Dragon King bridge) in the stalactite cave. The cinnabar red bridge which emerge from the fantastic scene being lighted up, it is as if the world of the old tale.

It is constant temperature from 14 to 15 degrees through one year in the stalactite cave. Because you feel it to be considerably cool in the summer, so you need to be careful for clothes.


Name:Makido Stalactite Cave
Adresse:Toyonagaakoma 2276-2 Niimi, Okayama 719-2721 Japan
Access:JR Hakubi-sen Line “Ishiga-eki Station” (20 minutes by car)
Price:1,000 yen (Adult)
800 yen (Under 15 years old)
500 yen (Under 12 years old)
Official site:

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