Manzamou (Manza Beach)

Manzamou is a cape located in the northwest of an Onna-mura village office, and has become a lawn plateau of the sheer coral reef. If you stand at the tip of a cape, the cobalt blue sea will spread, the wave coming in will break into pieces on a rock, and it can be seen under your view that the white wave has spread.
Manzamou, where the green open space and the blue sea and sky is beautifu,l is a sightseeing spot of the unparalleled view representing Okinawa. The setting sun which sinks in the sea is beautiful, and it is recommended at those who want to enjoy the scenery in character with Okinawa fully.

It is symbolic that there is an elephant’s trunk-shaped rock on the precipice of approximately 20 meters in height consisting of the coral rocks that Manzamou rose. The natural shoreline belonging to Okinawa Kaigan Seminational Park is popular as the spot that can overlook the beautiful setting sun. The cliff top is the green open space covered with natural grass or the plant of seashore nature. The neighborhood also has many resort beaches and hotels and it is being crowded with the tourist.

In order to pass through the promenade in Manzamo, if you walk slowly and it takes about 20 to 30 minutes. If you follow along the seashore, the rock which shaped like the form of an elephant’s trunk can be overlooked from the first view spot. Please enjoy commemoration photography against the background of the dynamic scene of the upheaved coral reef. As for the next, the blue ocean opens into the view when you advance from there more. The sea looks like form of the heart depending on a place.

When you follow a promenade to the opposite side, an ANA intercontinental Manza beach resort hotel and the Manza beach with beautiful white sand is coming into sight at the opposite shore. The Manza beach is a beach representing Okinawa chosen as the selection of 100 fine beaches by the Ministry of Environment.

Since the sea under a cliff is highly transparent, it seems that the inside of the sea is transparent, and signs of fish may be seen when you look hard.


Name:Manzamou Beach
Address:Onna Kunigamigun Onnason, Okinawa 904-0411 Japan
Access:Approximately 1 hour by car from Naha Airport
Tel:(+81)98-982-5112 (Onna-mura Village Education Board)
Official site:

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