Marine World Uminonakamichi, Fukuoka

In addition to plazas with fulfilling play facilities such as athletics, the largest seaside park in the whole country, including hotels, marinas, tennis courts, Uminonakamichi Marine Park. There is “Marine World” in the vast site of about 540 hectares.

“Marine World” is one of Japan’s leading aquariums exhibiting about 3,000 creatures of 450 species on the theme of “warm current of the Tsushima Strait”. The number of sharks kept in one aquarium is Japan’s largest. Moreover, it is also the aquarium where Japan’s first diver show was held.

The size of the scale is certain, but the biggest feature is to be an aquarium that can be enjoyed from children to adults. Creating various preferences such as directing using sounds and images, it is an aquarium that is more familiar and more fun to touch with the creatures of the sea.

The “Aqua live show” to which the diver who dived into the tank with the camera projects the image on a large-sized monitor inside a hall. This was the first innovative production in Japan at the beginning of 1995. Normally we can only see the view from outside the aquarium, but at this show you can see the fish from inside of the aquarium. Furthermore, since you can talk with divers, you can question divers directly.

“Marine World” holds the powerful show by 8 dolphins everyday. Because the show pool is behind Hakata Bay, you can see Hakata Bay over the dolphin jump. It is a masterpiece show full of cheers.


Name:Marine World Uminonakamichi
Address:Saitozaki 18-28 Fukuoka Higashi-ku, Fukuoka 811-0321 Japan
Access:JR Kashii-sen Line “Uminonakamichi-eki Station” (12 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 92-603-0400
Price:2,300 yen (Adult)
1,200 yen (Junior High School Students)
1,000 yen (Elementary School Students)
600 yen (4 years old or Over)
Official site:

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