Marunouchi Ekisha (Tokyo Station), Tokyo

The Japanese doorway, Tokyo Station. The Construction started on March 1908, completed on December 1914. The Marunouchi station building developed with a business area on behalf of Japan as the central station born in the capital city of Tokyo in charge of modernization of Japan, while looking at a scene of the many history.


In 2012, the Marunouchi station building which was a country designation important cultural property was restored in a figure at the time of the foundation.


It is Tokyo station hotel and Tokyo station gallery to open again with this station building. Tokyo station hotel is the one and only hotel in the important cultural property of the country, and refined space based on European classical taste in harmony with splendid appearance of the Marunouchi station building.


This station building having taste of “Meiji, Taisho era” is in the downtown area, but it is quiet, and calm, and there is a mysterious place where time passed very slowly whenever you come.


The charm of the Tokyo Station Marunouchi Ekisha is a figure in which the red brick is beautiful after all. The historic value is splendid, too, but it seems that the beauty of appearance looks at a work of art. It is good to see it nearby, but it is more beautifully when you see perspective from the slightly away place. Since there are many places which you can clearly see it from neighboring Maru’s building group, etc., so it is recommended to see from there.


Name:Tokyo Station Marunouchi Ekisha
Adresse:1 Chome-9 Marunouchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo 100-0005 Japan
Access:JR Tokaido-sen line "Tokyo Station”
Tel:(+81)50-2016-1603 (JR EAST InfoLine)
Official site:

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