Matsumoto-jo Castle

Matsumoto Castle which is a symbol of Matsumoto in Nagano. This beautiful castle of the comparison of the black and white shows a very elegant appearance backed by the Northern Alps. The main tower built from the last stage of the Azuchi-Momoyama era to the early stages of the Edo period is designated as a national treasure, and ruins of the castle are specified as a national historic site. Before calling it Matsumoto Castle, it was called Fukashi-jo Castle.
From citizens, it is also called alias Karasu-jo Castle (Crow Castle).

The unity of the large keep, Tatsumi tsuke-yagura (Southeast Connecting Tower) and Tsukimi-yagura turret, which was built in time of peace, is called “Fukugo-shiki” (directly connected) and symbolize each time. This “Fukugo-shiki” (directly connected) is characteristic structure to be seen only in Matsumoto-jo Castle.

It is a nawabari (castle plan; general term for the layout of a castle and its component structures) castle tower complex, which consists of a 5-tiered, 6-story multi-level tower-type large keep, a 3-tiered, 4-story Inui-kotenshu small keep, a 2-tiered Tatsumitsuke-yagura turret, and a Tsukimi-yagura turret, being the castle tower of the only Hirajiro (a castle built on flatland) among the ’12 existing castle towers.’

The crisis of several continuations is overcome by civic passion, withstood the hardships of about 400 years, and the main tower of the Age of Civil Wars as it is is saved. It was designated as the national treasure in 1936 after large repair of the Meiji period. It is one of the four national treasure citadels in Himeji Castle, Hikone Castle, and Inuyama Castle.

The outskirts are maintained as Matsumoto-jo Castle park. The majestic figure of the Northern Alps and various expressions to show every season are beautiful, and it is loved as a symbol of Matsumoto.


Name:Matsumoto-jo Castle
Adresse:Marunouchi 4-4-1 Matsumoto, Nagano 390-0873 Japan
Access:JR Shinonoi-sen Line “Matsumoto-eki Station” (15 minutes walk)
Price:610 yen (Adult)
300 yen (Elementary and Junior High students)
Free (Under 6 years old)
Official site:

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