Matsuyama-jo Castle

Yoshiaki Katou built the Matsuyama-jo castle which rises up in the Matsuyama-shi central part of Ehime prefecture from 1602 to about 26 years. Matsuyama-jo Castle which greeted construction of a castle 400 years is said to be hirayamajo (flatland-mountain castle) having best renritsu style tenshu (tower grouping) superior in the function of offense and defense in Japan.
Although the castle tower and the building of others many were burned down by the thunderbolt in 1784, it was rebuilt after that in 1854 and has continued up to today.

The Matsuyama-jo castle is one of the existing 12 main towers, and is counted in Japan’s three biggest hirayamajo and Japan’s three biggest renritsu style hirayamajo. The main tower is the last perfect castle architecture of the Edo period.

Moreover, it is a castle with many highlights like existing Nohara-yagura is precious Boro-type(lookouttower type keep) Niju yagura (double tower) which does not remain in others, and the well of centre of a castle for 44m in depth, which is mentioned specially for engineering works technology of those days, is stored. It was selected as two stars by Michelin’s Japanese sightseeing guidance in 2009.

In the Matsuyama-jo castle, structures of a total of 21 buildings, such as the First Gate South Tower, the Second Gate South Tower and the Third Gate South Tower, including the main tower, have received specification of the important cultural property of a country.

In addition to this, the castle is designated much specification such as the existing 12 main tower, a country designated historic spot, 100 Japanese famous castle, the 100th elections of a beautiful historic landscape of Japan, the 100th elections of the Japanese Sakura famous place, the 100th elections of the history park in Japan, etc.


Name:Matsuyama-jo Castle
Address:Marunouchi Matsuyama, Ehime 790-0008 Japan
Access:Iyo-Tetsudo Bocchan-ressha “Okaido-eki Station” (5 minutes walk)
Price:510 yen (Adult)
150 yen (Under 12 years old)
Official site:

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