Menfudo Limestone Cave, Nara

There is “Menfudo Limestone Cave” which is the largest cavern in the Kansai district in the Dorogawa area of Tenkawa village, Yoshino gun, Nara prefecture. Menfudo Limestone Cave was discovered by Mr. Hiroyoshi Hashimoto in 1951, then he invested personal property and developed and completed this limestone cave. Currently it is designated as a natural monument of Nara prefecture.

If you use “Menfudo Monorail” which is a little walking from the entrance of the mountain, you will arrive at Menfudo Limestone Cave in around 5 minutes. The promenade is being maintained and it is possible to arrive in about 10 minutes on foot, but it is quite tired to keep walking on an uphill slope.

The ride capacity of the monorail is 16 people, the fare is 500 yen round trip for adults. It is a monorail of a log-shaped design, climbing the mountain slope slowly. Children will be able to enjoy themselves as attraction.

The temperature of inside the limestone cave is about 8 degrees centigrade throughout the year and you can feel that it changes into cool air as entering the limestone cave. It is structured like going around from the entrance of the limestone cave, and you can watch it in about 20 minutes. The passage in a limestone cave has the place which has got wet with water, and a narrow place, and somewhat needs cautions for the head or a step.

It is lighted up by the LED lighting to the highlight in the cave, and a fantastic space is produced.
Also, depending on the characteristics and shape of the stalactite and stalagmite, there are many names such as “crepe ceiling”, “bat cave”, “Gongen cave”, “Rakan cave”, “Mother cave”.


Name:Menfudo Limestone Cave
Address:Dorogawa 673-89 Yoshinogun Tenkawamura, Nara 638-0431 Japan
Access:Kintetsu Yoshino-sen Line “Shimoichiguchi-eki Station” (80 minutes by bus)
Tel:(+81) 747-64-0352
Price:400 yen (Adult)
200 yen (Child)
Official site:

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