Mint Museum, Osaka

The building of “Mint Museum” had used as the thermal power plant was remodeled, and was opened as a museum which carries out general public presentation of the money etc. which had been accommodated in the Mint Bureau. Domestic and abroad money such as the old coin reaches about 4000 points, the history of mintage, and the change of money, etc. are introduced, and it’s possible to visit valuable material.

There was no technology of manufacturing money in Japan in the those days when a Meiji new government established the Mint Bureau in Osaka. Then, Tomoatsu GODAI and others purchased a set of machines of the Hong Kong Mint Bureau which was in the closed state. The equipment of those days is exhibited in the site.

There are hands-on spots where one can actually experience to lift a sen-ryo-bako (a box exclusively used to store a large amount of koban (former Japanese oval gold coin) during the Edo period.) with the equivalent weight of the real one. Moreover, the experience section which a child can also enjoy touching gold and silver ingot or a puzzle challenge section are also attractive. A factory can be inspected in the money factory tour (reservation required), while hearing explanation of the guide to over glass.
Moreover, in Mint Museum, the sculptural reliefs of Hirobumi ITO, Shigenobu OKUMA, Tomoatsu GODAI who played an active part at the time of its foundation, and others are located in line.

The highlight which is most will be exhibition of unusual the oban and the koban (large and small old Japanese gold coin), a medal and a metal handicraft. The showpiece which is seen only here such as takenagashikin (gold dust melted and poured into a bamboo tube to make them into bamboo shapes) found at Yodogawa river by chance and money of non-issue are lined.

The Mint Bureau is also known about by “Sakura no torinuke” (making pathways lined with cherry trees open tothe public). Approximately 350 cherry trees of about 130 kinds are planted. The visitor during a period are about 600,000 people, and it is the famous place of the cherry tree which represents Osaka. At this time, a factory tour and a museum will be closure, so please be careful.


Name:Mint Museum
Address:1-1-79, Temma 1-chome, kita-ku, Osaka 530-0043 Japan
Access:JR Tozai-sen Line “Osaka Temmangu-eki Station” (10 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 6-6351-8509
Official site:

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