Mitarai Gorge, Nara

A mysterious deep water shining on the emerald green. There are a variety of large and small waterfalls and big rocks, and clear streams that can be seen through to the bottom flowing In the Mitarai Gorge, there is a promenade along the river. You can also look at the waterfall from the top from the suspension bridge, it is truly a magnificent view. Spring with fresh green shining brightly, summer when azalea is beautiful, the fall of autumn leaves which colors just like coming down from heaven, winter like landscape painting, the seasonal scenery is recognized as the most beautiful of the Kinki district.

“Mitarai Gorge” in Tenkawa village, Yoshino gun, Nara Prefecture, takes a bus bound for Dorogawa Hot Spring from Kintestu Shimoichiguchi-eki station and it is about 60 minutes away, and furthermore, it is a long way to walk for 45 minutes.
However, it is the popular sightseeing spot where about 200,000 people visit each year.

Along the river there is the promenade, so you can easily go for a walk.
It is very pleasant walking with splashes and minus ions. It is cool and comfortable because it is located in a place with high mountain altitude.

The highlight of “Mitarai Gorge” is the stunning scenery that changes the look every four seasons, which is said to be “the best Kinki district”.
Especially, in the summer, the fresh green matches the color of the emerald green, the contrast with the splash sometimes visible is very beautiful.

The most popular of Mitarai Gorge is the scenery of the time of autumn leaves.
Even if you look down from the top of the suspension bridge, you can see the autumn leaves beautiful wherever you are, even if you look up from the valley.
Looking up at the valley at the time of autumn leaves, it makes me feel like autumn leaves fall from the sky. This strange feeling can only be experienced at Mitarai Gorge.


Name:Mitarai Gorge
Address:Kitozumi Yoshinogun Tenkawamura, Nara 638-0303 Japan
Access:Kintetsu Yoshino-sen Line “Shimoichiguchi-eki Station” (40 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 747-63-0999 (Tenkawa village information center)
Official site:

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