Miyagase Dam, Kanagawa

Miyagase lake located in the central northern part of Kanagawa prefecture is said to be the water pot of Kanagawa. It supplies water to two-thirds of the prefecture including Yokohama-shi and Kawasaki-shi. Miyagase Dam at the eastern end of this lake is famous for sightseeing discharge. Sightseeing discharge will be held for a long period from April to November. It is close to Tokyo and Yokohama and so on, and the ease of observation is attractive.


The sightseeing discharge performed at the Miyagase Dam has a discharge volume of 30 cubic meters per second and a discharge time of 6 minutes. It is exactly dynamic artificial waterfall with unimaginable amount of water. With the roaring sound, the two white water lines will become thicker and bigger. Splashing like a smoke from the bottom of the river where a lot of water flows down.


The Miyagase Dam spans three municipalities, Aikawa Town and Sagamihara City, and furthermore Kiyokawa Village in Kanagawa Prefecture, and it is the largest dam in the metropolitan area located about 50 km from central Tokyo. It was built in 2001 in order to adjust flood, supply tap water, improve river environment, and power generation to Nakatsugawa River which is a tributary of Sagamigawa River flowing almost in the center of Kanagawa prefecture.


During the period from April to November, the popular road train “Aichan” runs for kids from before the Park Center in Kanagawa Prefectural Aikawa Park to under the Miyagase Dam.


Please enjoy experiencing this magnificent show which beautiful rainbow can hang on a sunny day, too. It is a masterpiece that the height difference 70 meters, 30 cubic meters per second flows down dynamically.



Name:Miyagase Dam
Address:Aoyama 2145 Sagamihara Midori-ku, Kanagawa 252-0156 Japan
Access:Odakyu Dentetsu Odawara-sen Line “Honatsugi-eki Station” (60 minutes by bus)
Tel:(+81) 46-288-3600 (Miyagase Dam Promotion Foundation)
Official site:https://www.miyagase.or.jp/

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