Morioka Sansa Matsuri (Japanese Drum Festival), Iwate

The “Morioka Sansa Matsuri” is the festival performed from August 1 through 4th every year in Morioka-shi, Iwate. It is one of the representative festival of Tohoku area.


It was awarded a Guinness record as “the world record of the Japanese drum simultaneous performance” in 2014, and became the festival of the world’s best drum.

“Morioka Sansa Matsuri” is the great parade with traditional “Sansa Wa-Odori” (dance in a circle), drums, flutes, songs, and dancers. The group dancing by the dancers, who wore gorgeous outfit, with the drum parade is the best part.


Originally, Sansa Matsuri is the “Bon Odori” (festival dance) that has been popular among local people for a long time. They perform a dance in a group to the rhythm of a drum roaring the sky of the midsummer.


A parade starts from in front of Morioka-shi government office.
Starting at a splendid dance of Miss “Sansa Odori” (Sansa Dance), the dance groups of the general participation and the group of traditional members follow.


The parade of “Sansa Drums”, which set a world record for “the Japanese drum simultaneous performance record”, only is performed on the last day. The state that innumerable drums play at the same time is the best part. The Night of Morioka reaches the peak.



Name:Morioka Sansa Matsuri (Sansa Japanese Drum Festival)
Adresse:Chuodori Morioka, Iwate 020-0021 Japan
Access:JR Tohoku-Shinkansen Line “Morioka-eki Station” (15 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81)19-624-5880 (Sansa Matsuri Executive Committee)
Official site:

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