Mt. Osorezan, Aomori

Mt. Osorezan is an active volcano that is located in the center of Shimokita Peninsula in Aomori Prefecture and has an altitude of 800 m above sea level and the whole mountain is “Reijo” (sacred place).
The official name is “Osorezan Bodaiji Temple”, and in fact there is no mountain named “Osorezan”.
“Reijo” is the place of faith since ancient times, where the examinees pilgrim. Furthermore, Osorezan is considered to be closest to the land of the dead, and many people are visiting from all over the country as a place to think of the deceased.

In Japanese Buddhism, a river called “Sanzu no kawa.” over which a dead person crosses on the way to Hades. In Osorezan, the river through which it flows from Lake Usoriyama is considered “Sanzu no kawa.” With the weight of the crime committed to the lifetime, it decides on the place to cross, and it is said that there are “those who crosses using a bridge or a ship”, “those who walk along a shoal”, and “those who have to swim in a rapid stream.” It is an impressive sight that the way is shown at the end of the river by the tree as it leads the dead across the river.

Cloth is wrapped around the drum bridge over this river to help the dead going to the land of the dead in the dark. Tourists can cross the bridge, but the opposite shore means Hades, so it is recommended you return without having to cross over.

In the precincts of Osorezan, there is a sightseeing course of about 3 kilometers, and it is possible to go around in about 40 minutes on foot. In the precincts there are 136 “hell” formed of volcanic rocks and it seems to represent the hell receiving the punishment of the crime committed in this world.
The first “hell” spreading is “SAI no KAWARA” (the Children’s Limbo). There are many stones, and it is the atmosphere that has got lost in another world.

The six Jizo (stone statue) in front of the main gate of Osorezan Bodaiji Temple. The world of the Rokugo, which is said to head after death, refers to “Tendo” where many people with good deeds go, people who live with their instincts and desires go on a “demon road”, a person with strong competitive spirit and self-esteem goes to “Shura”, a person who carries evil such as suicide and murder goes there, a greedy man who obsessed with wealth and power. It is said that this six Jizo will save the suffering of the land of the living in each world.


Name:Mt. Osorezan
Address:Tanabu Usoriyama 3-2 Mutsu, Aomori 035-0021 Japan
Access:JR Ohminato-sen Line “Shimokita-eki Station” (25 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 175-22-3825
Price/Charge:500 yen (Adult)
200 yen (Junior High School or Elementary School Children)
Official site:

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