Nabegataki Waterfall, Kumamoto

Nabegataki Waterfall is the waterfall in Asogun Ogunimachi, Kumamoto Prefecture. The height is 9 m and the length is 20 m, which is not a very big waterfall, but the figure which is also called “water curtain” is beautiful and mysterious. It is also famous as “Urami no Taki” where you can see the waterfall from behind the waterfall.

There are appeal according to the season, such as the summer where many people come seeking cool, of course, spring of fresh green and autumn falling leaves. A light up event is also held every spring, and its mysterious sight is reputation.

Nabegataki Waterfall is the waterfall which is synonymous with “Urami no Taki”. “Urami no Taki” is a waterfall that can be seen behind the falls, that is to say, the falls falling to the back of the waterfall, as the name suggests It is that. The back side of Nabegataki Waterfall is also known for its wide space and it is said that there is no point unless you see the back side as it came to this waterfall. Since it is the bad foothold behind the waterfall, let’s go with a walkable shoes.

The backside of the waterfall is the biggest feature of the Nabegataki Waterfall, which is also a charm, is a dynamic waterfall that is unlikely to be a small waterfall and a splash is dynamic. This place is popular and there are many tourists, so if you go to the excursion season, early morning time zones may be relatively vacant.

Nabegataki Waterfall is near from the center of Ogunimachi town. There is a taste in the way to the waterfall. As you go slowly along the road where idyllic country scenery continues, you will soon reach the waterfall. While feeling nature, the drive is full of fun. It is safe to go with a family with small children.


Name:Nabegataki Waterfall
Address:Kurobuchi 2263 Asogunogunimachi, Kumamoto 869-2502 Japan
Access:JR Houhi-honsen Line “Aso-eki Station” (60 minutes by bus)
Tel:(+81) 967-46-2113 (Ogunimachi Town Office)
Price/Charge:200 yen (Adult)
100 yen (Junior High or Elementary School Students)
Official site:

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