Nada Fighting Festival (Nada No Kenka Matsuri), Hyogo

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The Nada Fighting Festival (Nada No Kenka Matsuri), which has been popular since being told that “Nada Festival to be seen at least once,” is popular as a brave festival where the Mikoshi (portable shrine) and the Festival Car collide with each other. This is a historical ritual crowded with visitors of around 150 thousand people each year. This is a festival of Matsubara Hachiman Shrine in Himeji city, three Mikoshi and seven festival cars go around the city, it is not unusual for the casualties to appear, it is a powerful festival. It is an autumn event that represents the area.

The best attractions are “Neriawase” which will be held at the foot of Mt. Otabi on the second day. It is said that it will be in accordance with God ‘s will by breaking Mikoshi violently, so they break each other’ s Mikoshi. Therefore, it will be a unreservedly fierce battle. It is tremendous force, as it is called “fighting festival”.

It is said that the state of this collision is expressing that “warships anchored at the port at the time of a war are shaken by waves and collide with each other” or “the oysters attached to the ship were rubbed together and dropped off”. Also, not only the mikoshi but also the appearance that 80 to 90 men carry festival cars which are said to have weights of 2 to 2.5 tons is very impressive.

The Nada Fighting Festival is the fierce festival in which deaths have appeared in the past. When you visit, let’s not too close to the mikoshi. Especially when the “Neriawase” at the foot of Mt. Otabi, the surrounding roads are very crowded and intense movement of the mikoshi is dangerous so please be careful not to be crushed.

This festival with intense impact is one of the leading quarrel festivals in Japan. The special shinto ritual that hits a mikoshi and the brave appearance which gorgeous festival cars compete violently is famous enough not only from Japan but also from the world. There is no doubt that people who see for the first time are always overwhelmed by their power. Why do not you actually visit and experience the power.


Name:Nada Fighting Festival (Nada No Kenka Matsuri)
Address:Shirahamacho 399 Himeji, Hyogo 672-8023 Japan
Access:Sanyodentetsu hon-sen Line “Shirahamanomiya-eki Station” (3 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 79-245-0413
Official site:

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