Nagasaki-Kunchi Festival, Nagasaki

“Nagasaki-Kunchi” is annual autumn festival of Suwa-jinja Shrine which is Ujigami (a guardian god or spirit of a particular place in the Shinto religion) for Nagasaki. It is considered as beginning that two prostitutes dedicated Yokyoku “(Noh song) short dance” before god of the Suwa-jinja shrine in 1634. Then, it developed into the gorgeous festival over hundreds of years, also taking in an exotic dance. Along with “Hakata-Okunchi”, “Karatsu-Kunchi”, it is counted in one of Japan’s three biggest Kunchi, and is designated also as the country specification significant intangible folk cultural asset.

It is a festival representing Nagasaki performed on a grand scale during 3 days from October 7th to the 9th every year.
It is a festival with the feature which the culture of Kyoto or Sakai united with the unique dedication dance that is strongly influenced by the special feature of the southern barbarian of the Edo period, such as Portugal, the Netherlands, China, and performances and dances are very variegated.

Speaking of Nagasaki-Kunchi, the Jaodori (dance of dragon) has become a byword for the Nagasaki-Kunchi.
Jaodori is a flower of Nagasaki-Kunchi.
The movement in perfect order of male performer is excellent. The peculiar musical accompaniment by long trumpet and big dora (gongs) heaps up a festival mood, and a cheer of the audience spreads to fill the autumn blue sky.

Besides elaborate Japanese dance, it is Oranda-Manzai (comical dance of Netherlands) etc., the fusion of a dance and clothes with an exotic mood, and Japanese dancing is seen. You can thoroughly enjoy the world of Japanese dance which you have not experienced.

Nagasaki is a port town which has developed as a doorway leading to the outside to a foreign country for many years. Nagasaki-Kunchi with 380 years or more of history could be called the festival which expresses very well the feature of Nagasaki which had Dejima which is a domestic only trading port in the Edo period.


Name:Nagasaki-Kunchi Festival
Address:Kaminishiyamamachi 18-15 Nagasaki, Nagasaki 850-0006 Japan
Access:Nagasaki Denki Kido (Nagasaki Electric Tramway) “Suwa-jinja-mae-eki” Station (5 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81)95-824-0445 (Suwa-jinja Shrine)
Official site:

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