Nagasaki Lantern Festival, Nagasaki

“China in Japan” which celebrates the lunar New Year. Nagasaki prefecture, where there is the exoticism most in Japan. It is a transmission area of the culture of the Mainland China from ancient times, furthermore, it was developed by overseas trading with Portugal or Netherlands from the 16th century.


The influence of it is seen as Nagasaki’s original dishes that was arranged from each countries, a western-style building, a christian churches, and foreigner’s residence traces.

Above all, the Chinatown called “Shinchi” is a popular sightseeing spot of its exotic taste, and is a main site of “the Lantern Festival”. The festival is performed from January 1 to 15 of the lunar year. (It change every year, from the beginning of February to the middle of it in the modern calendar.)


To prevent missing of the arrival of a spirit of the New Year, the light of approximately 15,000 is lit up in many places of the city, the scenery seemed to be totally already spring.


Main site of the festival is Shinchi Chinatown, and other sites are Chuo Koen, Tojin Yashiki, Kofukuji, Kaji-ichi, Haman-machi Arcade, Koushi-byou (Confucian Shrine). A stage event and the display of the large art object are carried out in each site.



Name:Nagasaki Lantern Festival
Adresse:Shinchimachi 10-13 Nagasaki-city, Nagasaki 850-0842 Japan
Access:Nagasaki Electric Tramway "Tsuki-Machi-eki Station” (2 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81)95-825-5175 (Multilingual Call Center)
Official site:

日本, 〒850-0842 長崎県長崎市新地町10−13

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