Nakashibetsu Natsu Matsuri (Nakashibetsu Summer Festival), Hokkaido

“The Nakashibetsu Natsu Matsuri” (the Summer Festival) is a festival held in Nakashibetsu-cho, Hokkaido on second Saturday and Sunday in August every year.


Nakashibetsu-cho is the town located in the center of vast Kushiro plateau of east Hokkaido. An extra-large tower is installed in the main site of the festival, and the lantern of approximately 6,000, which is admired as No. 1 in Japan, light up the summer night sky.


Many unique events like “a lantern portable shrine”, “a leading dance”, “YOSAKOI Festival” including “disguise Bon festival dance” are performed.


You can enjoy approximately 1,700 fireworks including the star mine by the eve of the summer festival. Music fireworks and an extra-large star mine are something worth seeing among others.



Name:Nakashibetsu Natsu Matsuri (Nakashibetsu Summer Festival)
Adresse:Higashi2jominami 3-1 Shibetsugun Nakashibetsucho, Hokkaido 086-1002 Japan
Access:Nakashibetsu Airport (10 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81)153-77-9733 (Nakashibetsu Tourist Office)
Official site:

日本, 〒086-1002 北海道標津郡中標津町東2条南3丁目1

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