Nanatsugama Stalactite Cave, Nagasaki

“Nanatsugama” in Karatsu, Saga Prefecture is the cave designated as the national natural treasure of the country. It is made up of several layers of rocks like unusual pillars. As the name of “Nanatsugama”, seven caves are lined up on the cliff deeply gouged like iron pot by the rough waves of the Genkai-nada Sea, and the blue sea continues into the cave. From the sea you can see the cave on a pleasure boat, and from the promenade and the observation deck of the Genkai National Park on the “Nanatsugama Stalactile Cave” you can observe the mysterious appearance by walking

“Nanatsugama Stalactite Cave” is a time tunnel of wonder and a mystery. The total length of the cave is more than 1,500 meters, and the length of the cave that can be sightseeing is about 320 meters. The inside of the cave is kept between 14 degrees – 16 degrees through every year. There are the Stalactite cave tourist route which can take a walk the distance for about 25 minutes, and the underground exploration tour (reservation required) that can explore about 800 meters including the entry prohibited area with guides.

The rock which makes the cave of “Nanatsugama” seems to be completely huge sculpture in the very unusual new form. Long ago, the basalt that flowed out by the volcano was quickly cooled by seawater and it became the unusual rock called columnar joint which solidifies in a pentagonal or hexagonal columnar shape. And it is said that the rough waves of Genkai-nada Sea corrodes the basalt, and completed erosion cave which continues from the sea.

Genkai-nada Sea is famous for its rough waves. If a wave is not high, you can enter into several different caves by boat. Form is various from what has large breadth to a narrow long cave. From the near side, the texture and shape of the rock is powerful.

Although Genkainada is famous for rough sea, it is a big wave point especially in front of “Nanatsugama.”
Please enjoy the dynamic Nanatsugama completely from the sea and from the National Park.


Name:Nanatsugama Stalactite Cave
Address:Saikaichonakaurakitago 2541-1 Saikai, Nagasaki 857-2222 Japan
Access:Matsuura Tetsudo Nishi Kyushu-sen Line “Sasebo-eki Station” (45 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 959-33-2303
Price:510 yen (Adult)
300 yen (Junior High School Student)
200 yen (Elementary School Student)
100 yen (4 years old or Over)
Official site:

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